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Taylor ready for some payback

Zane Taylor is gearing up for a big rivalry game against San Juan HS. Coming off a losing season last year, the [Grandy County HS] Red Devils are on a roll having won the first two games of the season in which Taylor recorded 4 sacks in one game alone.
"We're 2-0 right now, beat a couple of really good teams. We're going against a really big rival this week. It's San Juan, (Blanding, Utah) they're ranked like second right now, we're fourth right now. We used to be a pushover team, but things have really turned around," Taylor said.
Taylor speaks of the turnaround at Grand County as more of an attitude adjustment than an augmentation of talent. Said Taylor, "You lose once and it's hard to keep on rolling as hard as you were before. Last year as a team we got a big head. We weren't focused. Right now we're much more humble as a team."
Taylor was recently able to watch Utah beat Arizona at home in Salt Lake City and he liked what he saw. Taylor commented, "I thought it was an awesome game. It was really important. I like how close it was, how competitive of a game it was."
Being committed this early in the recruiting season one would question whether Taylor is still planning on playing for the Utes next year. "I've let them [other schools] all know I'm taken and Utah's the place where I'm going to go. I'm not even going to consider anyone else."
With his college plans solidified and his class load lightened this year, Taylor is focusing on one thing, football. And smack dab in the middle of his radar is the big rivalry game coming up with San Juan. "It's our biggest game so far. Last time they beat us by a couple touchdowns. We've been seeking some vengeance for a while now."