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QA with Jereme Brooks

With winning on his mind, senior wide receiver Jereme Brooks is entering the season as the Utes' most veteran wideout. Brooks has been a big-play target for the past few seasons, and is well known for his ability to avoid tacklers. However, this season Brooks enters a new role, serving as Utah's number-one recieving target. UteZone.com caught up with the preseason all-conference candidate to get his thoughts on how the offense is faring this spring.
UteZone: Has your approach to spring camp been different this year now that you're Utah's most veteran receiver?
Jereme Brooks: I think so. After the bowl game it really just hit me, knowing this is my last season in Utah things have kind of changed.
UZ: Halfway through spring camp, what is your assessment on the Utah offense compared to last season?
JB: I think we're ahead. We're more ahead than we were last year. This spring there has been a lot less turnovers and people getting injured. We have a lot of playmakers and we're playing to get better everyday.
UZ: Which young receivers stand out to you?
JB: DeVonte Christopher and Luke Matthews. They were two guys we knew were going to be good, but we need them to become every-down receivers. I think they're making great strides to become great receivers.
UZ: How do you feel about Coach Roderick?
JB: He's the best coach ever. He's soft-spoken and easy to understand. He coaches really well, and teaches us a lot of things that we use in games.
UZ: Any defensive backs who give you a tough challenge, more-so than others?
JB: I go against Chapman a lot. He knows most of my moves and he's a small guy like me, so he's hard to go against.
UZ: How does Jordan Wynn compare to the Poinsettia Bowl?
JB: Jordan has become smarter. He understands the offense more and more everyday. He learns from his mistake very easily. Wynn makes great strides towards becoming a better quarterback.
UZ: In your senior season, what do you expect out of yourself and this Utes team?
JB: Win. That's all I really want to do.