QA with Eddie Wide

Entering his final season of Saturdays spent donning the drum and feather, senior running back Eddie Wide has huge expectations for the season. Wide finished last season with over 1,000 yards of rushing, something that only nine other Utes have accomplished, and he's looking to reach that milestone again this season. So fat this spring, the Utah offense has looked good, and Wide has played a big part. Wide stepped aside with to talk about his 2010-2011 season.
UteZone: First Scrimmage, it's the first time with extended time against each other; What did you learn?
Eddie Wide: We're more ahead than we thought we were.We still have a lot of work to do, so that's we're going to do for the next couple of weeks.
UZ: What's your take on the running game? With Matt Asiata coming back, and having "Shak," you have a lot of depth.
EW: It's going to be a lot of fun. Everybody is going to be able to get some play in, we're just going to continue the run game and open up the pass.
UZ: How have you improved your game going into this year?
EW: My pass blocking is a lot better, I did pretty good today; Jordan was protected so we did pretty good.
UZ: How do you feel the team ranks compared to last year offensively?
EW: I feel like the team is up there right now and with the talent we're going to be getting in the summer, it will help push us even higher to the top.
UZ: Who would you say is the hardest tackler?
EW: I don't know, they tackle as a team, there's more than one guy who comes and hits you when you're running the ball.
UZ: Anyone who is harder to avoid, in terms of running?
EW: Tap [safety Justin Taplin-Ross] is all over the place, so I'd have to give it to him; you think you're running down the field, but he's right there.
UZ: What are some personal goals you have for your senior season?
EW: I want to get over 15 touchdowns, rush for 1,000 yards and help in any way I can.
UZ: What are the little things you are doing to make yourself a better player?
EW: Just doing a lot of off-the-field work, like by myself. Doing more physical therapy and keeping my body in shape and healthy.
UZ: How would you rate the team chemistry this season, compared to last season?
EW: I'd say we're right up there again; our team is always close. There's a lot of diversity and we just keep it going.