Cox commits to Utah

Pasadena (Calif.) quarterback Brandon Cox has had a wild two weeks. Cox, who until early this week was committed to Arizona, made his switch official on Sunday by announcing his verbal commitment to Utah.
Cox was sold on the Utes after taking an official visit to Salt Lake City on October 4 to see them play USC. The talented quarterback left Utah impressed, and after taking some time to reflect on his future, the 6-foot-3 inch quarterback committed. "[I decided to commit after] just going on my visit and enjoying all of the aspects of Utah and talking it over with my family. After talking to Coach Johnson, it just felt right. The loyalty of Coach Whittingham, and how long he's been there was a deciding factor for me too. Everything was a perfect fit," Cox explained.
Cox has made a name for himself as an athletic dual-threat quarterback that can make plays as a passer and a runner, and feels he'll be able to do the same for the Utes. He was at the Rose Bowl on Saturday to watch the Utes take on UCLA, and after seeing the Ute offense in action for two games, Cox believes he'll be able to help push them over the hump. "I think Coach Johnson has a great scheme. They're just missing a couple aspects of the game. I think I'll just add a little more to the running attack," he said.
With his commitment to Utah in place, Cox is now hoping to convince other elite recruits in Southern California to join him. "Of course that's the plan. With me committing, there's never any problem for me to try and get more talent to come in with me. There are a lot of kids that I've known from going to the elite camps and combines - you get to know a lot of guys well, and I'm going to try to convince them to look at Utah or take a visit. If they take a visit up there I know they're going to commit. It's a great place up there," he said.
Cox has been sidelined for most of this year with an ankle injury and is trying to heal enough to get back on the field before the season ends. "Right now the plan is to try and play again this year. I'm up ad walking now and came off the crutches last week. I might try to come back to practice next week. I'll just take it one week at a time and try to follow the doctors' orders," he said. "The worst part is on Friday nights not being able to make the plays. That's when it hurts the most."
Now that he's found a new home, Cox maintains that he's finally settled in his commitment. "At this point I'm pretty solid. This is where I want to go. I'm happy with the commitment I have made. I'm solid. This is where I want to be," he said.