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4-Star Djibril Loves Utah Trip

Over last weekend the University of Utah hosted Halid Djibril, versatile linebacker from Cathedral HS in Los Angeles. The 6-foot-1 181 pounder and linebacker MVP at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp in LA was a recent Oregon State commit, but he decommitted over the summer as his stock began to soar.

Despite all of the new interest, the Utes sit in a great early position because of one key factor- his recruiting coach Sharrieff Shah. “I love Coach Shah, man. That’s my man, that’s my dawg. He has a good vibe,” said Djibril. “We connect, easily, because me and him are the same religion, for one. We’re both Muslims. We have a close relationship and a whole bunch of similarities.” Those similarities include having the same favorite car, a Mustang and the same movies and television shows. Both men were also raised near the same area.

The biggest thing that stands out to Halid about Shah is who he is as a person and mentor. “The way he talks, he knows how to motivate you,” said Djibril.

Djibril came on the trip with his parents and the overall atmosphere won him over. “The vibe is good, I like it, it’s mellow,” he said. “It’s not like out here in LA—big difference. There were a whole bunch things that I love about. It’s quite and peaceful, and I can see myself being there.”

For the main activity on the trip, the recruits were taken to a haunted house and then Djibril spent a lot of time with his host, Philip Afia.

“It was good. I liked it, it was really nice,” said Djibril. “[Afia] said that all I’ve got to do is make a wise decision, make sure that if I came here, it would be the perfect fit for me. Then, he said it should come because it would be a good fit for me, that I’d like it, and it would be amazing.”

During his meetings and conversations with the coaches they talked about how they would primarily use him as a linebacker, but also disguise him as a safety. “(They talked about) how they want me. How they think I’m a very good player. How I’m versatile,” said Djibril. “They think I can do a whole bunch of things for them.”

With the trip over, the Utes have made a big impression, but he’s still thinking he wants to take his four more trips. However, he’s not sure what other trips he’ll take, yet. “So far it’s top one, right now. Utah’s the only one I’ve visited,” he said. “I want to visit all the schools.”

The talented backer continued, “I’m most likely going to take my other four, so I can get the experience. My visits are going to determine were I’m going to go for the next four years.”

On those visits, Halid will focus on the environment, how they treat him, how he’ll fit in, and if he likes it or not.

As for last weekend?

“Utah’s a pretty good fit,” said Djibril. “I loved it. I loved it out there, man.”