Vegas athletes hard work paying off

Cheyenne High School quarterback Quinton Carter wasn't getting the attention that he thought he deserved. While some players may receive interest due to the prestige of their program, Carter has had to earn it himself. "I feel like a lot of players around the area are getting recruited because of hype, I think I'm one of the ones that had to work hard," he stated.
That extra effort has resulted in impressive showings at EA Sports, NIKE, Cal and UCLA camps (among others). Schools have taken notice. "I guess everywhere I go I impress a lot of coaches," he noted. Carter has now earned attention from most Pac-10 teams as well as Utah and Colorado St. "I'm really happy with the turnout I'm getting," he added.
With more schools taking interest, Carter has identified several factors that are key to his decision. "Team prestige, academics, surrounding area, how the town is, how the people around town are, and how welcome the coaches make me feel."
He currently lists Utah (offer), Cal, Oregon St. (offer) and UCLA as his leaders.
Though most schools are recruiting him for defense, Utah is among those who see his athletic versatility. "They are leaning more toward offense, but still keeping that 'both way' type thing open," he said. "I like their offense, because they give the players more chances to show what they can do on the field, coming in showing their speed and everything. When I'm on offense, I like to run the ball, I like to make plays, so I think their offense gives you a chance to do that."
Carter's plan going forward may have him on a college campus before the end of the school year. "I want to have it narrowed down by the middle of the season, what trips I want to take, and take those during the season. Because I was planning on graduating early and playing spring ball wherever I'm going to school," he explained.
Regardless of where Carter ends up, the lesson of hard work will surely benefit him at the next level.
Click HERE for video of Quinton Carter in action.