UteNation - Updates on Honoring Utah’s Ty Jordan
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Updates on Honoring Utah’s Ty Jordan


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The tributes and show of support continue to roll in for the University of Utah’s Ty Jordan, as friends, family, fans, coaches, and teammates alike still struggle with the realization of the young blossoming star’s untimely passing.

For some it may be too soon, for others, it’s a much-needed night. The Pac-12 Network will be showing Jordan’s best games from 2020, tonight starting at 7 PM MST.

If that’s something still too painful, and believe me it is for me, a challenge issued by Ute fans on Twitter might be not only a way to honor Jordan, but a way to work towards a healthy lifestyle before the 2021 season, as well. Ute fans have immediately embraced the 597 for Ty challenge, in which you run 597 miles for the Pac-12 Offensive Freshman of the Year and former track star. This honors every yard he amassed on the ground in the shortened season.

Here’s an initial link that has been created for the 597 for Ty challenge.

Also, to add the the endless amounts of tributes, the Valero Alamo Bowl, took a moment of silence during their game between the Colorado Buffaloes and Texas Longhorns on Tuesday night.

It’s still painful. You still want to pinch yourself and wake up from an awful nightmare. But, the show of support to Jordan’s family and Utah football has been nothing short of remarkable, in their time of need.