UteNation - The Short and Everlasting Legacy of Ty Jordan
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The Short and Everlasting Legacy of Ty Jordan

The days after tragedy strikes never get easier. They say it will, yet the heartache remains. Everyone who has suddenly lost a dear friend or family member knows this truth. That’s why the loss of the University of Utah’s Ty Jordan is so hard for so many to take.

In a tough year for many, Jordan’s play and his infectious personality made them smile, made them cheer, and gave them hope. For a few brief hours during five games, it made them forget about the toughest year in most of our lifetimes and gave glimmers of hope. It made everyone tied to the Utes look forward to a new year. It made them look forward to heading back to the stands and going raucous for a transcendent talent.

Now everyone is stripped of that opportunity and Jordan’s potential. No one will see Jordan challenge Zack Moss’ records—he was going to, no question. No one will see his fearless demeanor juke, cut, glide, and blaze past defenders.

He was going to take this already barrier-breaking program to new heights. The program knew it and everyone that watched him could see it. Ty Jordan was a gift, something special.

The legend will grow and his story will live on. It was just five games totaling 83 carries for 597 yards and six touchdowns on the ground. A taste, a small sample size. Yet, in 2020 those numbers and the way he went about it meant so much more.

The Pac-12 Freshman Offensive Player of the Year and Second-Team All-Pac-12 selection, was destined for great things. People within the program knew he was a “three years and done” talent. They fully expected to do a Heisman campaign for him and see him on that stage, some even believed it could be next year.

Now everyone—and especially his family—is left with the pain and heartache of losing someone that captured their hearts. Today, tomorrow, and in the near future we honor Jordan’s memory, honor what he was for so many and what he could have been.

He was a gift to so many of us in 2020, when we needed something to smile and get excited about. The “what he could have been,” is what’s so painful. So, how do you honor Ty Jordan? What lasting gift in his honor, can the school and the fans give him?

The days, weeks, months, and season ahead for the Utah program and his family will be difficult. Now, it’s about honoring his memory.

Thank you, Ty. As the Greeks say, may your memory be eternal. Your friends, family, fans, teammates, and coaches will make sure of it. You’re gone too soon, but never will never be forgotten.

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